The Chicken Nugget Alliance

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The Chicken Nugget Alliance Project is a parody on Kuwaiti politics and the superficial dreams of most of the cosmopolitan Kuwaitis. When looking into the structure of the political system in Kuwait I realized that it is extremely difficult to adjust it in any way, and to have this minority participate in building the political future of Kuwait.

I also realized that most Chicken Nuggets are more concerned with the social and cultural aspects of their lives rather than what really happens behind the scenes. We all want change, but what we want to change more than anything is a mentality or way of life. We want culture, better education, and freedom of choice. We would like safe traffic and a wider variety of available jobs to practice our eccentric majors.

We become frustrated when we come back to Kuwait faced with the fact that our country is heading in the wrong direction. Backwards really, but who are we to decide? We’re a minority now and will be for a very long time. The western way is not very appealing these days and although we’re adopting a lot of their consumerist culture, the majority of Kuwaitis don’t want to think or act like them.

So what happens to us? The Chicken Nuggets who are stuck in a limbo? We complain, vent and make Facebook Groups. We hold meetings in hopes that someday we can find a smart solution. And in the meantime, the gap between others and us just widens till we completely lose each other.

The Chicken Nugget Alliance was aimed to be an experiment to see whether our views and ideologies would appeal to the “Machboos Diyays”. It is also a mockery of our political campaigning system, and the loud voices. Let us be optimistic in believing that one day a chicken nugget will be in parliament.


Out Of Kuwait – British Council Residency Programme


Installation, video, photography, media