The Lonely Cart

Meet The Ladies

Found by an ATM machine with a broken wheel, Bneid AlQar is now a comfortable lazy chair.

Found by the mosque with a dented side, Dhahya is now a quirky chair with a foot rest.

Found in the parking lot with a broken handle bar, Faiha is not a skinny office chair for the slender.

Found in the park opposite the Co-op, Kaifan was adopted to become a chair with a magazine rack incorporated.

Found on it's side with no handle, Mishref is now a rolling armchair with a comfortable back.


As part of Reuse 5.0, an event that promotes recycling and reusing to create new forms of art and design, I created 5 chairs from damaged shopping carts. Each chair has a different function and form, ranging from a small office chair to a low lazy chair.The metal carts were cut, trimmed and reformed into arm and leg supports. Extra parts removed were reused in other chairs to create gimmicks such as a magazine rack or a recliner back. The chairs were then upholstered and stamped with the name of the Co-op they were rescued from.


en.V Initiative


Industrial Design, Furniture Design, Recycle