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Left to right: Aseel AlYaqoub + Abrar AlMusallam

Ace of Spades (Khal AlSibeet)

Ace of Clubs (Khal AlKalafs)

Ace of Diamonds (Khal AlDaymen)

Ace of Hearts (Khal AlHass)

King of Spades (Bash AlSibeet)

Queen of Hearts (Meymat AlHass)

Prince of Clubs (Gholam AlKalafs)

The Joker (AlJaikar)

B&W Joker (AlJaikar)

Kuwait/Kot - background type A

Kuwait/Kot - background type B

A Complete Deck


Amidst the advanced console gaming systems around the world that entice the gamers to experience a new sense of reality, exists a game that has existed for decades. “Kot” is a Kuwaiti game that is widely known across the region, especially by the male society. A popular game to play in the Deewaniya, Kot is taken extremely seriously by most people who enjoy a more grounded gaming experience. When playing this game, both teams need to have an almost telepathic understanding with their partners. It involves tactics, strategy, a bit of card counting and a lot of luck to win this game. The cause of wars in most social gatherings, Kot has proved to be a card game that will still exist in the generations to come.

However, although this is a Kuwaiti game, we are playing with cards that do not signify our culture or language. By understanding the significance of the terms used in Kot, as well as the names of each key card, we have recreated a new set of cards tailored to the Kuwaiti player…

…A set of cards that would compliment this game and its player.

Aseel AlYaqoub
Abrar AlMusallam

2 Decks of cards – 3.5 " x 2.25" each

Edition numbers:
1 out 20

All 20 Editions were SOLD.


The Sultan Gallery


Mixed media, Photoshop, Illustrator, Block Printing