Teddy B. is my alter ego. I created him to help me settle back into my society after being away for 6 years. I would take a photo of him on a daily basis for 365 days and upload it on a blog. What started off as a social project quickly turned into an interactive experiment. Not only did I manage to see parts of my country that I had never seen, but I also managed to create a network using this stuffed bear to interact with different people living here. The blog quickly became popular and Teddy’s journey was witnessed by over 1'500 people on a daily basis. It gave me the opportunity to discuss political, religious and social issues through photography.

Teddy didn’t end up helping me settle back, however he did make me realise that I enjoyed being on the borders of a society. I enjoyed being able to observe from the outskirts and not have to commit to a community. I guess he made me realise how individualistic I am.

After the 365 days, I created an exhibition showcasing “our” journey. Teddy, along with a publication and his photos, were sold for charity. Being an anonymous blogger, this was also my coming out party.


Teddy On The Go


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